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Transformation takes time.

Revealing Modesty works collaboratively with many preselected professionals from the style world. Join us for one women's transformation as it unfolded over ten steps. Revealing Modesty posted each step of the journey as it occurred. To see the journey from start to the final reveal scroll down to the bottom of the page for "Getting in touch with your ideal style" . Discovering your own uniquely beautiful style involves a journey of spiritual, emotional and practical aspects. Enjoy this transformation; One step at a time...



The Final Reveal...

Perspectives on the Final Reveal







Big reveals are fun…. Suddenly the person looks great, life is great and we all go home.

Not so fast.

 An inside job…

There is much more to transformation than external changes…  Unlike what we see in the media, real change can be slow and involves ongoing internal work as well. Here is a unique opportunity to share in Mattie’s inner thoughts and feelings as she comes to this style journey.

Mattie checks in…..

When we first met Mattie, she felt unable to confidently present herself. She was concerned that her external appearance did not match her internal self-image. While her journey may not be entirely complete, she feels now more aware.

RM: How did you feel at the end of this process? Do you feel differently now, than when you first began working with Revealing Modesty?

Mattie: “I have been thinking about how to respond to this honestly. Truthfully, I’m having a difficult time answering this question, because I don’t want to give the impression that my experience was anything less than total awesomeness.

“However, honestly I’m not at the point yet, where I can wake up every morning and feel ready to put my best self out there. Many aspects of my life are too complicated and contribute to these feelings. Yet, at the same time, I have the confidence that on the days when I need to put my best foot forward, to present my most awesome self, I can put in the required effort, and succeed.”

RM: What have you gained from this style journey?

Mattie: “Truthfully, I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity, which empowered me to envision my best impression. I have learned valuable information and practical tips.”

RM: Why is this journey important to you as a spiritual woman?

Mattie: “My constant spiritual evolution enabled me to begin this journey of physical transformation. Even if I do not use these tools daily, I am able to use them when I feel it is necessary. I can feel awesome and confident. I am able to reflect all of the unique aspects that Hashem (G-d) has given me. I will always be grateful to Revealing Modesty for this knowledge and support.”


To complete Mattie’s journey, we called on two special women who are great resources for the modest community.


Meet ~ Eve Emanuel of More than Just Fig Leaves.  Eve Emanuel created the beautiful skirts that Mattie is featured wearing.  Her skirts are cut exactly the right length to cover your legs in a flattering and appealing manner.

 You can see Eve’s line at

 Meet ~ Yonit Green of Miss Mellalina

We were lucky to have Yonit working behind the scenes of this last shoot. She studied styling, the science of creating fashion images, at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Yonit also brings her talents and extensive knowledge of fashion and tzinus (modesty) to her own blog, Miss Mellalina. Check her out at

 Thank you to our photographer Devorah Goldstein for these lovely photos. She can be reached at




Wigs, Wigs and Wigs


Having addressed make-up, we turn our attention to wigs.


Last time we met Michelle Gabay:


Michelle is a busy woman….

In addition to running her own make-up and hair studio, she can be found preparing a bride for her special day or styling women’s hair and wigs of all lengths with individualized attention. Michelle offers fabulous special occasion looks such as up-dos. She also teaches hair styling courses for all level students.

 Michelle is inspired by helping people express their beauty through art. You can reach Michele via her website:

by email:

on Facebook: 

and Instagram at


Wigs and more wigs

It is normal to feel nervous when it comes time to color and cut your  shaitel-wigs. Don’t worry – it will grow back. Well not exactly, but here are a few pointers to help you.

 1: Choose to work with someone that you trust. Ask them to help you find your most flattering style and color. – We got that covered with Michelle.

 2: Think about what you want to say with your style-Do you want a more sophisticated or playful image?

 Initial consultation:

Mattie has a very nice wig made from good quality hair. However, it does not flatter her great features. Michelle suggested that a more sophisticated look would be achieved by cutting the length slightly, shaping the wig and adding more color.

 Color can really make the difference:

Michelle used two techniques, rooting and balliage, to add a warmer hue to Mattie’s wig. Rooting is used to darken the roots. Balliage is used to bring highlights to those areas of the hair that move.

 Cutting and shaping:

Michelle started by cutting two inches off the length. She then cut in layers which not only emphasized Mattie’s beautiful cheekbones but also brought the focus away from her chin. Michelle also changed the bangs to they fall to the side.


Finishing the wig:

Michelle blew out the top, curled the bottom and put in waves which gave Mattie a natural and sophisticated look.

 Michelle shares:

“I had a great experience seeing Mattie become more confident with her transition”.

 Is your hair or wig flattering your best features?


These beautiful photos wre shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein images. She can be found at


Skin prepped, we are all set for cosmetics

In our last post, we worked with an Esthetician to help Mattie with waxing and skin care. Now we are ready for make-up.

Meet Michelle Gabay:

Learning to apply makeup the right way.

Learning to apply makeup the right way.

With a passion for beauty and health, Michelle Gabay, is a freelance certified make-up artist, wig and hair stylist. She specializes in bridal, television and catalog makeup.

Michelle is a busy woman....

In addition to running her own make-up and hair studio, she can be found working the scene with models at photo-shoot or preparing a bride for their  special day. Michelle  styles women’s hair and wigs with individualized attention. offering fabulous special occasion looks such as up-dos. She also teaches hair styling courses for all level students.

Michelle is inspired to help people express their beauty through art. She has studied with some of the industry’s top mentors. Following her passion for health, Michelle has spent the past couple of years developing her own line of natural professional make-up products. You can reach Michele via her website:

by email at

on Facebook :

and Instagram at

Transformation in Five easy steps:

Michelle introduced Mattie to an easy 5 step make-up regimen.

1: Moisturize

Michelle suggested a BB (beauty balm) cream for Mattie. This product contains moisturizer, sunscreen and primer and gives your skin an even tone. Michelle recommends BB creams with collagen for all women over thirty five. Hmm -who would that be?

Michelle encouraged Mattie to complete this step by using powder after the BB cream. 

2: Conceal and Prime

Michelle explained that using orange tones will balance the dark blueish circles under Mattie’s eyes. She instructed Mattie to dab matte long lasting lipstick under her eyes to accomplish this goal.  (Amber Orange - available on her website.)

 Next, she showed Mattie how to apply light weight cream concealer over these orange tones with a beauty blender sponge.

 Michelle then helped Mattie prime her eyes using eye shadow primer. Hint from Michelle- use primer without shadow for a fresh natural look that brightens the eye.

3: Contour

Contouring is a technique that highlights your best features and hides imperfections. In Mattie’s case, contouring can bring the eye away from her pointy chin and help her look more feminine.  Contouring, will also bring focus to her beautiful cheek and brow bones. (It is similar to wearing a dark skirt to minimize your large hips.)

To begin contouring, look at your face and decide what areas that you want to highlight and what you would like to minimize.

 Michelle helped Mattie apply dark contouring powder with a brushes to her chin, forehead and right beneath her cheeks. While this may sound complicated, with practice you can do this every day. 

4: Eyes

Michelle helped Mattie use a brow pencil to even out her brows and fill them in. note from Michelle- most people need to fill out their brows to give them an even look. She next introduced two beautiful shadows for Mattie- champagne and #8 plum color-available on Michelle’s website.

Michelle showed Mattie how to use a black pencil to line her eyes and an eyelash curler and black mascara to finish the look.

5: Cheeks and lips

Michelle selected crème long lasting blush in coral mist for Mattie. (Available on her website)

Michelle showed Mattie how to outline her lips with a nude lip pencil and then use lipstick over the liner.

Hint from Michelle – outline and fill in your lips with a nude color for a natural look. After outlining, cover with lipstick or gloss.

Mattie’s shares:

Have you worn make up in the past?

Not consistently. I usually wear minimal make-up (blush and lipstick) for meetings and events, and just a bit more, (eye shadow and mascara) for Simchas.

What motivates you to explore make-up now?

I’m motivated to explore make-up, as I see it as part of my complete make-over at Revealingmodesty. I’m curious to see if it will really make a change in how I feel about myself, and in how others view me.


What type of make- up do you use?

How would you change your routine?

These beautiful photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein images. She can be found at



Skin care: blog 7

Mattie is now ready to explore skincare, make-up, and sheitels (wigs).

Meet Rachel Ioukhvets 



Rachel is a New York State licensed Esthetician and make-up artist. She is a beauty specialist who offers facials (including acne, anti-aging and back facials), aromatherapy and paraffin body treatments.


 She also offers make-up application for all occasions, full and partial body waxing. She is elegant, gentle and extremely skilled.


Rachel attended Capri beauty school, where she studied advanced eyebrow design. She has also taken additional coursework in advanced waxing, advanced skin analysis and massage techniques.

Rachel visits Mattie:

Rachel has been working with private clients in their homes for five years in Rockland County, New York. Mattie is happy to become her client.


Rachel used soft lavender wax, tweezers and a small brush to shape Mattie’s brows into a natural, clean look and open the area around her eyes.

Rachel specializes in gentle waxing, eyebrow shaping and even has special wax for young clients.



Facials are a relaxing way to address your skin care needs:

Rachel uses her own private line of products which contain natural ingredients.  


Rachel applied a cleanser on Mattie’s skin which contained blueberries and coffee bean extracts. ( sounds like a delicious breakfast…) She then removed the cleanser with hot towels and placed soothing pads around Mattie’s eyes.

Rachel then used a magnifying glass to classify Mattie’s skin as “Normal”. (skin can also be dry, oily or a combination) It is important to know your skin type so that you can choose the correct products. 


After using the cleanser, Rachel performed a facial massage and applied an aloe mask to soothe Mattie’s skin after waxing. Rachel offers a variety of delicious masks for a variety of skin needs. (I think I might book an anti-aging pumpkin mask). During the mask treatment, Rachel also treated Mattie to a hand massage using coconut and aromatherapy oils. 


Rachel finished Mattie’s treatments by applying a Marine moisturizer. 

Rachel’s recommendations for daily skin care for Mattie:

“It is important to cleanse and moisturize your skin every day. At night, remove your make-up and use a night cream.” 

Thank you Rachel

Rachel’s commitment and compassionate approach makes her special. She loves helping people to feel beautiful by improving the health of their skin and creating individualized makeup applications. Rachel works hard to bring out each women’s inner beauty. Rachel shared “Outer beauty can translate into a sense of confidence, inner dignity and happiness for each woman. I love to make my clients happy.”


You can reach Rachel at WAXFACIAL2 (929)-322-4252


Mattie shares about this experience…

My experience with Rachel was not just “another facial”. I felt the warmth and caring about my inner self come through at every step.”



Which of these treatments would you choose?


Join us on upcoming posts for more tips on make-up and sheitels (wigs)

These beautiful photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein images. She can be found at




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