Wigs, Wigs and Wigs


Having addressed make-up, we turn our attention to wigs.


Last time we met Michelle Gabay:


Michelle is a busy woman….

In addition to running her own make-up and hair studio, she can be found preparing a bride for her special day or styling women’s hair and wigs of all lengths with individualized attention. Michelle offers fabulous special occasion looks such as up-dos. She also teaches hair styling courses for all level students.

 Michelle is inspired by helping people express their beauty through art. You can reach Michele via her website:

by email:

on Facebook: 

and Instagram at


Wigs and more wigs

It is normal to feel nervous when it comes time to color and cut your  shaitel-wigs. Don’t worry – it will grow back. Well not exactly, but here are a few pointers to help you.

 1: Choose to work with someone that you trust. Ask them to help you find your most flattering style and color. – We got that covered with Michelle.

 2: Think about what you want to say with your style-Do you want a more sophisticated or playful image?

 Initial consultation:

Mattie has a very nice wig made from good quality hair. However, it does not flatter her great features. Michelle suggested that a more sophisticated look would be achieved by cutting the length slightly, shaping the wig and adding more color.

 Color can really make the difference:

Michelle used two techniques, rooting and balliage, to add a warmer hue to Mattie’s wig. Rooting is used to darken the roots. Balliage is used to bring highlights to those areas of the hair that move.

 Cutting and shaping:

Michelle started by cutting two inches off the length. She then cut in layers which not only emphasized Mattie’s beautiful cheekbones but also brought the focus away from her chin. Michelle also changed the bangs to they fall to the side.


Finishing the wig:

Michelle blew out the top, curled the bottom and put in waves which gave Mattie a natural and sophisticated look.

 Michelle shares:

“I had a great experience seeing Mattie become more confident with her transition”.

 Is your hair or wig flattering your best features?


These beautiful photos wre shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein images. She can be found at


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