Skin prepped, we are all set for cosmetics

In our last post, we worked with an Esthetician to help Mattie with waxing and skin care. Now we are ready for make-up.

Meet Michelle Gabay:

Learning to apply makeup the right way.

Learning to apply makeup the right way.

With a passion for beauty and health, Michelle Gabay, is a freelance certified make-up artist, wig and hair stylist. She specializes in bridal, television and catalog makeup.

Michelle is a busy woman....

In addition to running her own make-up and hair studio, she can be found working the scene with models at photo-shoot or preparing a bride for their  special day. Michelle  styles women’s hair and wigs with individualized attention. offering fabulous special occasion looks such as up-dos. She also teaches hair styling courses for all level students.

Michelle is inspired to help people express their beauty through art. She has studied with some of the industry’s top mentors. Following her passion for health, Michelle has spent the past couple of years developing her own line of natural professional make-up products. You can reach Michele via her website:

by email at

on Facebook :

and Instagram at

Transformation in Five easy steps:

Michelle introduced Mattie to an easy 5 step make-up regimen.

1: Moisturize

Michelle suggested a BB (beauty balm) cream for Mattie. This product contains moisturizer, sunscreen and primer and gives your skin an even tone. Michelle recommends BB creams with collagen for all women over thirty five. Hmm -who would that be?

Michelle encouraged Mattie to complete this step by using powder after the BB cream. 

2: Conceal and Prime

Michelle explained that using orange tones will balance the dark blueish circles under Mattie’s eyes. She instructed Mattie to dab matte long lasting lipstick under her eyes to accomplish this goal.  (Amber Orange - available on her website.)

 Next, she showed Mattie how to apply light weight cream concealer over these orange tones with a beauty blender sponge.

 Michelle then helped Mattie prime her eyes using eye shadow primer. Hint from Michelle- use primer without shadow for a fresh natural look that brightens the eye.

3: Contour

Contouring is a technique that highlights your best features and hides imperfections. In Mattie’s case, contouring can bring the eye away from her pointy chin and help her look more feminine.  Contouring, will also bring focus to her beautiful cheek and brow bones. (It is similar to wearing a dark skirt to minimize your large hips.)

To begin contouring, look at your face and decide what areas that you want to highlight and what you would like to minimize.

 Michelle helped Mattie apply dark contouring powder with a brushes to her chin, forehead and right beneath her cheeks. While this may sound complicated, with practice you can do this every day. 

4: Eyes

Michelle helped Mattie use a brow pencil to even out her brows and fill them in. note from Michelle- most people need to fill out their brows to give them an even look. She next introduced two beautiful shadows for Mattie- champagne and #8 plum color-available on Michelle’s website.

Michelle showed Mattie how to use a black pencil to line her eyes and an eyelash curler and black mascara to finish the look.

5: Cheeks and lips

Michelle selected crème long lasting blush in coral mist for Mattie. (Available on her website)

Michelle showed Mattie how to outline her lips with a nude lip pencil and then use lipstick over the liner.

Hint from Michelle – outline and fill in your lips with a nude color for a natural look. After outlining, cover with lipstick or gloss.

Mattie’s shares:

Have you worn make up in the past?

Not consistently. I usually wear minimal make-up (blush and lipstick) for meetings and events, and just a bit more, (eye shadow and mascara) for Simchas.

What motivates you to explore make-up now?

I’m motivated to explore make-up, as I see it as part of my complete make-over at Revealingmodesty. I’m curious to see if it will really make a change in how I feel about myself, and in how others view me.


What type of make- up do you use?

How would you change your routine?

These beautiful photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein images. She can be found at



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