Getting in touch with your ideal style…

What does our style say about us to the world? Is it related to how we feel about ourselves emotionally?

Getting in touch

It doesn’t matter how you define your style, it matters how it feels. My best style is related to:

  • Acknowledging my own self-worth and special qualities
  • Finding my own uniquely beautiful style
  • Being comfortable presenting myself in this light

While everyone may describe ideal style differently, it can be identified immediately.

“She is at the top of her game and has flair”… I edged closer to two older women who were treading water, and observing other hotel guests around the pool.

(They were speaking loudly so it couldn’t really be considered aquatic spying.) Whoever she was … this mystery woman had found her own uniquely beautiful style and was comfortable showing it to the world.

Working within tnzius

How can you achieve this while staying within the structure of tnzius (modesty)? This is a journey I have taken, and would love to help you begin. It involves:

  • Spiritual steps
  • Emotional steps
  • Practical steps

You can start by getting in touch with your special qualities.

At first this may be uncomfortable but you are not alone:

Meet Mattie:

Aviva Blog 1 006.jpg

You will be touched by her desire to connect with and present her own internal and external beauty.

Mattie is a forty year old mother of four. She has a very busy schedule, but still finds time to teach adults at night. It is not an easy task to keep tired people awake and interested. Mattie can explain very complicated topics such as spirituality and chassidus-chasiddic thought with clarity and warmth and always holds everyone’s interest.

She came to “Revealing Modesty” to find her own ideal style.
What would help you begin?

Join us for upcoming blog posts:

As we follow Mattie, you will meet some top professionals and get tips to help you begin your own journey.

All of these lovely photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein Images.

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