"The Next Step" Mattie, an adult educator is searching for her ideal style…

At the beginning of her journey, she answered some tough and probing spiritual and emotional questions ... Now she is ready for some practical steps. Many people start by looking in their own closet.

Mattie steps into her closet:

Mattie: “I am having a hard time thinking about getting rid of some of my clothes because I still have some emotional connection to my current style. I am also worried about the time that it will take”

Closets can seem overwhelming but a few simple pointers will help.

Taming the pieces in your closet with the 3 “S’s”:


At "Revealing Modesty" we mark each client’s shoulders, waist and hips against a long piece of paper or wall with a pencil. You can try this at home. This reveals your figure type.

Marking Mattie revealed that she has a small waist and larger hips. This is called the “pear shape." We will balance this with the correct clothing.

Color: Is this color flattering for you?

You can find those colors that will best flatter you by placing two metallic scarves against your face. If you look better with the gold against your face- you will look better with warmer colors. Silver -cooler colors are for you. Some people are neutral and can wear both cooler and warmer colors.

** Hint: the wrong colors will cause you to have look as if there are circles under your eyes and shadows in your cheeks.

Mattie is flattered by warmer colors. Light cool pastels do not work for her.


What do your clothes say about you?

  • Are they age appropriate?
  • Which pieces work with your current lifestyle?

I always ask myself:

  • How do I feel in this?
  • Do I feel confident and love these clothes?


Evaluate the following:

  • Which pieces in your closet are well made from good fabrics?
  • Do all the pieces work with others?
  • Which pieces are current looks? These are keepers...

Opening your doors

Together let’s open some closets… Are the pieces in your closet doing all that they can do for you?

All of these lovely photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein Images.

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