Entering the closet...

After looking at many internal aspects of her style, Mattie, an adult educator is taking some practical steps. She has chosen to start with her closet. (see blog post #3 for easy, simple closet ideas)

Mattie: "I found out that I have a pear shape with wider hips. Dark colors would look best on my lower half. Tops should be shorter or cover my hips. My waist is smallest right below my chest. I need things that are form fitting and flattering because I am petite."

Here are several things that we found in Mattie’s closet. You can be the stylist - which pieces should stay or go?

1. Purple ballroom skirt with black shell

These pieces do not flatter her because

  • skirt is at the widest place on her waist
  • skirt has extra material and width to her hips
  • shell is black which does not flatter her face

We will let go of this outfit…

2. Black and Gold Shabbos (Sabbath) outfit

This is not Mattie’s best option because:

  • The top is too large for her small frame
  • It is not currently in style

We will let go of these pieces….

3. Green pencil skirt with black top

Pencil skirt is flattering and can be matched with many tops - we will keep but we will pair it with more flattering colors on the top.

Mattie reflects on looking at her closet:

Mattie:  “I always thought that as long as the skirt fit my hips the fit of other parts of my body were not as important. I now know that it needs to flatter me all over."

Letting go…
Mattie enjoyed getting rid of those things that did not work on her.

How would it feel to let go of those items that do not work? Wouldn't you love an organized closet full of pieces that work?

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