The base of our individual style is formed by our internal feelings…

Mattie’s Journey:

In our last blog post, we met Mattie, who teaches adult education. She came to “Revealing Modesty” to find and reflect her own uniquely beautiful style.”

Starting your own journey:

You can begin by looking inward:

  • How comfortable am I focusing on myself?
  • What are my special qualities?
  • Does my appearance reflect these qualities?
  • How can I present my own uniquely beautiful style?

Scary feelings:

Be gentle, this is new territory…the idea that you are worthy of presenting your ideal style can be uncomfortable.

Not just for mushy cards.

It is o.k to for us to acknowledge that we all have wonderful things to offer and should reflect them to the world with our style. I learned to do this the same way that I learned to tie my shoes-little by little.

If my mother is any judge, both of these processes were slow.

Mattie shares her feelings:

At “Revealing Modesty”, we start by helping clients explore these questions and set style goals.

RM: Why address your style now?
Mattie: “I decided to do something for myself so that I can feel more positively. I feel like I am not effectively communicating who I really am.”

Confidence and worthiness:

RM: How do you feel about presenting your ideal style?
Mattie: “I don’t feel confident about myself at all, so it is hard to think of presenting my ideal style. It’s difficult for me to see myself implementing all of the steps that it will take to keep myself looking “in style.”

This can be a gradual process for many women –it helps to focus on things that are special about you.

Creating your own statement:

RM: What are your special qualities. Does your appearance reflect them?
Mattie: “I am personable, insightful and empathetic. I don’t think my appearance reflects this currently.”

Inside and out:

RM: Why focus on your external style if you are a spiritual woman?
Mattie: “I believe that it is important because the manner in which we present ourselves is a reflection of our G-dly selves.”

Wow. We thank Mattie for her honesty. It really helped to understand more about her feeling and goals.

The next steps:

After the initial consultation, clients continue by choosing from,

  • Closet analysis
  • Style needs and goal mapping
  • Personal shopping for clothes and accessories
  • Wig and makeup consultation
  • Special occasion preparation

*** We also assist clients redesign and create modest pieces

Follow as Mattie explores some of these options.

Make your own choices.

Which options would you choose?

All of these lovely photos were shot by Devorah Goldstein of Devorah Goldstein Images.

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